About Us

We love to play badminton! If you’ve played in high school, for recreation or just starting out, come and visit us and see if this is the venue for you to play some fun badminton. We are always looking for badminton club volunteers so if you are interested in helping out please see one of our organisers. Our executive team is listed below but there is always room for more people to organise fund events, ladders and social events. Please keep this in mind because the best badminton clubs are always led by the best people and we are committed to making this one of the best run and organised badminton clubs in the area.

● Owner and President: Paul Gupta
● Owner and General Manager: Dave Bertollo

● Treasurer: Kris Gupta

Li-Ning Badminton Logo

BADMINTON CLOTHES: If you haven’t been to the Li-Ning Badminton Superstore it is a must see for the badminton enthusiast. They have a huge product display with everything under the sun for badminton. If you need a new badminton racket, badminton bag or even badminton clothing this is the place to go.