Bronte Badminton Club Information

General Information

GENERAL: Please exhibit good sportsmanship at all times. Show respect when crossing the end of a court by yielding to play. Introduce yourself to start play and shake hands (knock elbows, whatever)  upon completion. Show respect to the game: give best effort at all times, even when playing in a mixed skill-level game. Please observe basic code of conduct:

● Play fairly and follow the rules and regulations; on in/out calls player closest to the bird makes the call (opponents and spectators should remain quiet), on ‘no call’ point goes to the opponent
● Demonstrate good sportsmanship before, during, and after games, and in the waiting area
● Be courteous and treat all players, members, guests, and games with respect; refrain from profanity, arguing, and demeaning language at all times
● Absolutely: no unsolicited coaching or criticism; if a player wants coaching or advice he/she will ask for it

● Upon completing your game, exit the court smartly to minimize wait time for players on the bench; waiting players, be alert to courts freeing up

MEMBER’S GUEST PRIVILEGES: Members can invite guests, one visit per guest, for $5.

NON-PLAYERS: Members may invite family members and kids; they are your responsibility. Non-players should not be in the gym.

ATTIRE: A designated pair of court shoes with a gum or non-marking sole must be worn (no black soles).  Protective badminton goggles are strongly recommended. During inclement weather, please change into your designated court shoes before entering the gym.

FOOD: Food allowed in the atrium only; no food in the gym, no exceptions. Please clean up your own mess, including water spills.

FEATHER BIRDS: The club provides nylon shuttles. You are welcome to bring your own feather shuttles and use them if all members of your game approve.

ALCOHOL/DRUGS: Do not come to the club even moderately under the influence or perceived to be under the influence. Do not bring drugs, alcohol, or related paraphernalia onto the premises. Violation could result in immediate expulsion and termination of membership, no refund.

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BADMINTON STRINGS: If you break your badminton strings you can take your badminton racket to Li-Ning Badminton Superstore and they will re-string your racket with your choice of Li-Ning badminton strings. The service is usually performed with 24 hours and the expert staff will help you with your badminton string model and even the colour.