We play Mondays, 7:30-10:00, doors open at 7:15. We play on all Stat Holidays. All play levels welcome and encouraged. Kids 15 and up, who can play with adults, are encouraged. Ask about student and family discounts.

Winter-Spring Program runs Mondays, January through June, starting Jan 8; Fee is $160; membership limited; prorated memberships available.

Summer Thursdays 20-week Program starts Thursday April 19; “Earlybird” Registration Fee is $120; memberships limited. Summer Guarantee: unused visits above 4 and below 15 will be credited at $5 each on upcoming Fall Thursday Membership (this member benefit is unique to BBC!).

Drop-Ins, $10. Members’ guests, one visit (per guest) only, $5.


PAYMENT: Cheque, cash, or Interact E-mail Money Transfers.
NO REFUNDS: Consideration for time loss due to injury or relocation.

Li-Ning Badminton Logo

BADMINTON RACKETS: If you are in need of a badminton racket many of us may have a spare for you to use on occasion but you will need your own for sure. If you visit Li-Ning badminton at C7-5035 North Service Rd in Burlington you will find over 40 badminton rackets to select from and they are experts at helping you choose one that is right for you. You can even try any badminton racket before you buy on their full sized badminton court mat.